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Our Mission

To carry our business in an ethical way, and serving clients in a transparency and economical way. In addition, we operate on Eco-friendly measures in order to maintain the balance for a sustainable environment around us.

Our Vision

Maintaining the Balance of Eco-system is the need of the hour now as the concern of global warming and endangered species are effecting us tremendously. In order to come up with a new way of saving the planet and making it more green, we undertake following measures:
  • Use of Waste Paper as the Raw Material
  • Investment on Manufacturing Asset
  • Resourceful Lab for Quality Testing
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure Setup
  • Environmental Protection and Waste Control
  • Emphasis on Recycling of Raw material

We work according to the norms of Environmental Legislation and regulatory requirements, with all other relevant guidelines. Most importantly, we use pollution control equipment at our premise in the context of creating a clean and smart planet. All these have resulted in

Resources Saved Per Ton of Paper being recycled:

  • 17 trees
  • 60,000 gallons of water

Quality Analysis

For us quality is the foremost ladder of achieving new heights of success as it is the primary element needed to add perfection to each job work. Having said that, our products such as Kraft Papers, Brown Kraft Papers, Pet Flakes, Natural Pet Flakes  etc, are made of high-grade and recycled raw material, which makes them perfect for future usage in packaging. Also, it states our concern to maintain the balance of sustainable environment. Most importantly, all the raw material being procured are tested on various quality parameters like moisture content, kaccha material, etc, in order to ensure their optimal productivity.

Product Range

  • Kraft Paper
  • Brown Kraft Papers
  • Plastic Product
    • Pet Flakes
    • Plastic PET Flakes

What We Procure

For Kraft Paper

The requisite raw material we sue while manufacturing our products are used corrugated boxes and waste paper, unusable  Core pipe & DSOCC ((Double Sorted Old Corrugated Container). All these by-products are procured from reputed suppliers based out of Karnataka, India, and also Import raw material of our own. The company has drafted inventory control systems for raw material. All the decision of sourcing and use of raw material are taken by higher management team in order to maintain flawless operations. The management works as per the requirement of production department, assisted by a team of purchasers, who makes the final call to suppliers.

For Pet Flakes and Fiber

The main raw material procured for plastic products is listed below:

  • Plastic Pet Bottles for Pet Flakes
  • Raffia Bags (PP and PE Bags)
  • Waste HDPE

All these raw material are sourced from local suppliers, and out of Karnataka, India.

Testing and Checking of Raw Materials

The raw material after being sourced from suppliers is weighed at the company's own weighing bridge, and matched to the weighing slip as per the produced bill of the supplier of the raw material. These bill is also collected by the gate keeper for maintaining the records of material entry process. Anyhow, if the weighing bill doesn't match the actual reading shown by our weighing bridge, the supplier is instantly informed about the shortage of material delivery. After all these activities, the vehicle containing raw material is allowed for unloading in our store house, with early suggestion to quality auditors.

The quality inspectors are present while the unloading of raw material is being done. From every lot of products, a sample is carved out for checking them on various quality constraints of moisture content, etc. If some moisture content is found, the material goes in laboratory for further inspection. Then an appropriate report is being made by the lab technician team  for moisture and other restricted contents such as kaccha material, plastic strips and reel core material. That report is signed by the lab technician and by the supplier as well to maintain full transparency. If further action is not taken, the raw material is sent back, and an order for a new lot of raw material is being issued.


In order to perform with perfection in this era of rigorous market competition, we have built a state-of-the-art infrastructure setup, which backs us to carry our business in a perfect way. Spread over a large area, our company is situated in the KIADB Industrial Area at Doddaballapur, Karnataka, with well though plan of action. The production unit is installed with modern machinery, giving us the space to manufacture bulk amount of quality products. Other than this, we have formed various departments of quality, warehouse, packaging and accounts for accomplishing each task in an administrative manner.